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Forgot V’sayn tal u’mottohr? (continued)

If you forgot v’sayn tal and have just concluded the shomei’a tefillah berachah, you can say the phrase there, before starting retzei. Once you have started retzei, you must return to the berachah bareich aleinu, and repeat everything from there, in order. Once you have said concluded shemoneh esraiy, and you have not said v’sayn tal, you must repeat the entire Tefillah.

What is called “concluded?

Next week, iyh

One must be as careful about the cleanliness of a Beis Kenesses or Beis Medrash as he/she is in one’s own house. This is in Shulchan Aruch O.C,151:9.

We would like volunteers to operate on a rotation system to help with the above halachah in the entire Shul building. A small bit of help (5 minutes) goes a long way in the whole tzurah (appearance ) of the Shul building.

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