There are so many reasons to celebrate in Ramat Beit Shemesh

…Thankfully, you can celebrate them all right here in our hall!

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For information about booking events and catering, contact Mrs. Gitel Davis:

  • Tel: 053-554-9048
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  • 34 Nakhal Refaim, Beit Shemesh, Israel

By far the most beautiful hall in RBSA

Larry Raff
Delicious food and ample portions
Aytan Lefkowitz
Great ambiance with best catering
David Kallus

There are so many reasons to celebrate in Ramat Beit Shemesh. It’s a good thing we have a proper place to celebrate them!

Ulam Shabtai – the hall in Beis Tefillah Yonah Avraham – or the BTYA Simcha Hall, is the largest hall in the neighbourhood, with seating for up to 250 people comfortably (or 200 plus a dance floor). There is also a beautiful garden outside, which adds to the room and the vibe. The hall has just been upgraded and modernized, putting it in the running for the most luxurious hall in the area, with first-class finishes and a warm, cosy ambiance. The hall also features a top air-conditioning system to keep guests comfortable throughout the event.

The BTYA Simcha Hall can host diverse audiences with sensitivity to religious and charedi guests, including separate men and women’s entrances, new washing facilities, and a full mechitzah for dancing. The hechsherim are “grade A” servicing Bedatz or She’eirit. Unlike many other halls, the BTYA Simcha Hall offers an on-site mashgiach.

Comfort, elegance, and space are nice, but in the end of the day, the catering is of utmost importance to the success of an event. The BTYA hall is managed by Kanner Catering. Kanner has been catering s’machot  for 16 years. All the reviews  turn up “delicious.” They have continued to perfect their dishes, never compromising on quality because of the volume, and they offer extremely generous portions of each delectable dish. The staff is warm and approachable and happy to accommodate any special requests or needs.

Last, but certainly not least, a perfect hall isn’t much use if it’s inconvenient or difficult to reach. BTYA is located on the corner of Refaim and Luz, close to major bus terminals, and boasts ample street side parking, so guests coming from anywhere and through any means of transportation will have an easy time reaching it.

Thanks to its versatility, adaptability, and convenient location, the hall hosts a variety of different functions, from large to small family s’machot, Bar/Bat mitzvot, sheva brachot, shul dinners, large community events, and so much more

The BTYA Simcha Hall is the perfect venue to plan an event in Ramat Beit Shemesh that no one will forget.

Meat Menu

A typical “meaty” meal offers a vast array of options for each course.
However, your meal can always be customized based on your exact preferences.


Choice of 3

Blintzes filled with mock liver in gravy · Potato blintzes with mushroom sauce · Pastry filled with sauteed vegetables in gravy · Pastry filled with potato in mushroom sauce · Potato Bourekas in mushroom sauce · Bourekas filled with chopped meat (extra 10 shekel) · eggplant (extra 10 shekel)


Choice of 6
Partial List: Techina · Matbucha · Tomato salad · Moroccan carrots · Sweet & sour beets · Eggplant · Greek eggplant · Corn salad · Fried hot peppers · Avocado · Vegetable platters · Purple cabbage · Green cabbage w/dill · Coleslaw · Bean sprouts · Fresh mushrooms w/vegetables · Cherry tomatoes w/purple onion · Baby greens w/cherry tomatoes · Lettuce w/sprouts & nishnushim/sweet potato chips/mushrooms · Cucumber salad · Waldorf salad · Potato salad · Pasta salad · Hummus


Choice of 3
Grilled chicken quarter · Sweet and sour chicken · Breaded chicken · Schnitzel · Chicken steak · Stuffed chicken breast Chinese style · Turkey roulade · Beef with mushroom sauce (shoulder) (extra 10 shekel) · Beef with eastern style sauce (extra 10 shekel) · Beef with stir fried vegetables (extra 10 shekel)


Choice of 3
Potatoes baked · White, yellow or green rice · Stir fried vegetables · Green beans with almonds and sesame · Eastern style olives · Apple /onion/vegetable/carrot kugel · Couscous · Hot cabbage with noodles · Fresh salad · Potato kugel


Choice of 1
Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream · Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream · Chocolate mousse/fruit mousse · Ice cream with fruit sauce · Sorbet · Fruit salad · Ice cream bar (extra 5 shekel)


Soup can be added to the menu as an additional course for an extra 5 shekel per person.
Pumpkin soup · Green pea soup · Celery soup · Vegetable soup with matza balls · Vegetable barley soup · Minestrone soup
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Full Meaty Menu
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Members of BTYA can be receive discounts on the catering costs.
See the BTYA Membership Page for full details.
Note that prices and discounts are subject to change at the discretion of Kanner Catering.