Welcome to the BTYA Internet Safety Page.

This page will collect all the materials regarding keeping your Internet use and users as safe as possible.

There has already been one family from our Kehilla that has decided to remove Web access from their house entirely, and that is clearly the best solution. The following materials apply to those who “must” have it, and therefore bear the responsibility to secure its use.

WebChaver Internet Accountability Program

As good as a filter program may be, nothing is 100%. For that reason, it is critical to have accountability, too. The idea behind this is that if something shows on screen that you really didn’t want to see, when you know that you’re clicking it will be reported to your accountability partner, you are much less likely to give in to such temptation.

To understand more about the WebChaver accountability software, visit http://www.webchaver.org. Please note that in the information handout, there is specific information about how to install this as well as a discount code.

Internet Rimon

Internet Rimon is an Internet Service Provider (ISP, or “sapak” in Hebrew) that provides internet service that is filtered at a basic level before it even reaches your home. This prevents many of the mishaps that can occur with password-“protected” internet service.

To learn more about Internet Rimon, contact 054-499-1733.

For assistance with any of the technical aspects, software, filtering, etc., contact the BTYA Tech Support Team at techsupport@btya.org.

FaceBook Lecture – Yonah Goodman, RBS Matnas, on 28 Tevet, 5751

To download or listen to the lecture (Hebrew), right-click here.

To download a written review (English), click here.

Rabbi Viener’s Lecture at BTYA on 22 Av, 5750

To download the lecture, right-click here.

To listen, on-line, click here.

To download the information that was handed out at Rabbi Viener’s lecture, click here.

Additional CD from Rabbi Viener

Rabbi Viener  has a CD that he distributes, for free, on this topic. You can listen to it by clicking the picture below:

Rabbi Viener's Internet Lecture CD

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