BTYA’s women’s Neshei is very active in our Kehillah, comprising the following committees:

  • Chessed Committee – One of the hardest things about moving to Israel is leaving your family and support system behind. At BTYA, we are here to offer that support.
    • Meals for after birth or during times of difficulty
    • Bikur Cholim – arranging visitors to hospitals and homeTechnical arrangements during times of difficulty
    • Frozen Meals Gemach
    • For long-term assistance, we work in conjunction with Yad Tomech.
  • Special Events Committee
    • Mother & Daughter Events
    • Shavous Tea
    • Shiurim
  • Shalach Manos
  • Welcoming Committee
  • Phone Squad
  • Melava Malka
  • Women’s Liason to the Men’s Board

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The Men’s Chessed Committees offer aid and support in various aspects of life’s challenges. The committees are manned by Shul members who have experience in the relevant areas, and who can advise you in a private, non-judgmental manner.

Please take advantage of us!! Do not be embarrassed to ask for help— it will be private and discreet

Business Advice – Are you thinking about starting a new business or expanding your current business? Do you want to run the idea by someone who has done it successfully?

Employment – Do you need a job or a new job? Would you like to sit with someone to go over your resume? Do you need to know where to hunt for that dream job? Do you need interviewing tips?

General Challenges – Do you have any challenge in any area of your life that you would like help or advice? The Rav wants to hear from you.

Legal Issues – Provide direction (not legal advice) to members who may need legal assistance. Do you have problems with your Kablan? Is your landlord “abusing” you? Is the Iriyah charging you too much? Is your employer not paying you?

Loan Gemach – Do you need to make some unplanned payments? Are you in need of cash for the next few months?

Medical Advice – Do you need a friendly medical voice to help you with some direction? (Do not call for prescriptions, diagnosis, or similar requests )

New Olim Buddies – Are you a new Oleh? Feel free to contact the following members for any questions you need answers for. Where is the Iriyah? Where do I change money? How do I find out about the school system?

Shabbos Invitations – Would you like to meet other members at Shabbos meals? There are members who love to have guests and are waiting to have you over. This is chessed for both sides—for those inviting and those who are benig invited. Help old members do the mitzvah of Hachnosas Orchim!

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