l’Zchus Refuah Shleimah of Yeshaya Shalom Ben Malka Gittel

Do you have a useful talent that you can offer to share with the kehilla? We have a unique group of people in the shul so it’s pretty likely that there is a lot of untapped chesed waiting to be put at the service of the tzibbur. Email David Kallus to sign up.

  • Kosher Shaver Service: You just brought back a new Norelco lift and cut – Close shave? you bet- lets fix that by removing the lifters.  I use specially designed tools (for dentistry of course). David Kallus kallusdmd@gmail.com
  • Electronic Simcha Invitations-Evites: Save money on printing and postage, and track your RSVPs easily.  I can help you set it up using Paperless Post- a service that if you use correctly is absolutely free.  All you need to do is send me the invitation you designed and your list with emails and it’s done. David Kallus kallusdmd@gmail.com
  • Non-Toiveling New Keilim G’mach: Purchased a new toaster, sandwich maker, or nespresso and don’t want to dunk it in the mikvah?  Don’t have an extra bag of rice on hand to dry out the electronics?  I will take apart your new appliance in a professional matter and put it back together.
    Baruch Tenenbaum baruchtenenbaum@gmail.com
  • Floor Plans: Offering to help people who want to design extensions/remodeling of current floor plans. I am not an architect or an engineer, nor do I handle any ishurim required by the iriya. If you want to get some ideas, send me your current floor plans and what you want to change. Nir Kedar nir@hydrocore.biz
  • Poster Design: Offering flyer/poster design, and general proofreading.
    Ayton Lefkowitz aalefkowitz@gmail.com
  • Health and Fitness Consulting: It’s time to get into shape! Learn how to improve your overall health, wellness, strength and stamina with complimentary introductory consulting sessions on proper diet and eating, including exercise routines that incorporate weight lifting, cardio and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) techniques.(limit 2 “clients” at a time first come first serve).
    Ari Rosenstein
  • Battery Consultancy Service (not car batteries): Want to know if it’s the battery or the appliance that’s failing? Want to know if it’s charging? Want to know how to get the maximum out of your computer battery? Etc. etc.
    Jonathan Sassen – 054-691-9923
  • Stamp Gemach: We have American stamps available for anyone who needs – No charge! Sponsored by Rabbi Yehuda and Reizy Shmulewitz.
    Sanders familydvorasanders@gmail.com
  • Mashkanta Service: My nonprofit offers a high-level professional, full-service Mortgage Broker service for a fraction of the cost (below break-even), saving time and hassles, and a lot of money. Shmuel Bisk – Tzavta Mashkantot: 072-270-2700
  • Chair and table Gemach: We have about 40 chairs and 4 tables. Shmuel Bisk
  • English Seforim Gemach: Over 100 English Seforim are available – Translations of classic seforim, Biographies, Psychology, Philosophy, Halachah, Mitzvos and more. The list will be on the BTYA website. Simon Baumsbbaum@inter.net.il
  • Tefillin Shel Rosh Tying: Rav Hillel Horovitz
  • Sim Card Cutting: If you get a new phone that needs a micro or nano SIM card, you can easily cut your sim card yourself to the correct size.  The device is in the office. If you need help, email David Kallus kallusdmd@gmail.com
  • Maareh mekomos Pro gmach Rav Hillel Horovitz – Got a chaburah to give?  Want to go pro? You send in a list of mareh mekomos  and get them all back in a word file.  hillelahorovitz@gmail.com
  • Medical Information Translation Gmach Drs. David and Malka Blass – not medical advice but to help translate a medical letter or document. Dmblass6@gmail.com
  • “Zero” Frustration Guest House Rental Gemach – If you need to find a place to rent for visitors, there is no simpler way! Send an email to aryehsonnenberg@gmail.com including: How many people, dates, neighborhood of preference, and anything else relevant. I’ll forward your request to tens of owners in RBS A and save you hours of frustrating calls and emails. In memory of my in-laws Z”L.
  • Tall Tree Pruner Gemach – If you need to remove tall tree branches, I have a gemach tool (hand-powered) to cut branches from thin to thick. Not meant for tons of small branches or for bushes. Contact Aryeh at 054-499-1733 or aryehsonnenberg@gmail.com.
  • Drasha Gemach: Are you looking for the Rav Shlita’s Shabbos and Yom Tov drashos in writing? R’ Shmuel Heilig publishes a summary* of each week’s drasha, and can give you a copy. Just give him a call at 02-992-1306.