First Yahrzeit of Rav Chaim Zev Malinowitz ZTZ”L

Suggested Limud

From Eli Gherman

Many of you know about or have the sefer that was republished in memory of the Rav

I spoke with Nehemia Malinowitz  today  And he told me that the sefer has truly become part of their family They learn it at home in Yeshiva and it has enhanced their emuna and Bitachone

It’s written by Rav zundel of Salant whom the Rav spoke about often in his drashote  It’s a series Of pesukim on emuna And Bitachone with several meforshim explaining the pesukim

It’s pretty simple Hebrew and has many short to the point statements but yet can be learned very deeply.

I’ve been learning it with a chabura of guys for about 10 months with Rav Goldstein guiding us*

Many of the gedolim would actually carry this sefer with them At all times !

I just got another shipment and as a kavod to the Rav I’m leaving a stack I’m the shul hallway To take for free(certainly a donation is also appreciated ) but….

All I ask is you learn at least one pasuk lezecher nishmas the Rav

If you can’t leave your house send an email to and I will deliver it, bli neder.

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