About Lev Seltzer

Lev Seltzer has been a member of Beis Tefillah from just a short time after its founding. He currently manages the BTYA.org website, and can be found every morning in the BTYA "Vasikin Room" where he is the gabbai of the minyon.

BTYA Welcomes HaRav David shli”ta as Mora D’asra

By |2020-12-27T14:29:14+02:00August 30th, 2020|BTYA - Latest News|

Dear Kehilla HaKedoshah Beis Tefillah Yonah Avraham, שהחיינו וקיימנו והגיענו לזמן הזה! בשבח והודאה לקל עליון, הממליך מלכים ולו המלוכה מאן מלכי רבנן   [...]

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