They say that “membership has its privileges.”

At BTYA, we see it more as membership has its “benefits.” Our kehillah offers one-of-a-kind programming, infrastructure, a great chevra, and a guiding mission. These are particularly helpful for new Olim who will find a comfortable environment and warm, embracing kehilla that literally speaks their language and understands just what they are going through (and thereby their many needs), as we were all there ourselves. While we have a lot to offer to any member of the greater Ramat Beit Shemesh community, as an actual member of our shul you get all of those and more!

Regular Member Partner Member Associate
Opportunities for Growth – wide variety of Shiurim, mishmar, youth programs, tiyulim, Learning programs in our open and inviting designed to stimulate your growth in Torah! P P P
Spacious, comfortable Beis Knesses with room for your guests. P P P
Tax deductibility of dues and donations in Israel (Sei’f 46),  US, and Canada. P P P
 שכר החזקת תורה P P P
Being a meaningful part of a warm, giving, supportive and inspirational kehillah. P P P
Access to Torah Learning Committee – Helps to arrange Shiurim and Chavrusas for you – Mordechai Slovin, Naftali Rischall and Ayton Lefkowitz. P P P
Access to Various Women’s committees including: Traveling Spouse Support, Frozen Meals Gemach, Meal after Birth and difficult times, Kiddush Help Committee and more. P P  
Priority Access to the Rav. P P  
Priority Access to the Simcha Hall. P P  
Free/Discounted Seats for Yomim Noraim P P  
Makom Kavua rights. ²   P  
Generous Discounts for ALL Simcha Hall events. ²°   P  
Cost of Simcha Hall for Shabbos Kiddush:  ₪500³°  ₪500³°  ₪1,100°
Annual membership (may be divided into monthly payments):  ₪3,000  ₪3,000  ₪1,200
One-Time Building Fund Contribution (Can be Maaser and may be divided over several years):        –  $2,000         –   


Got Questions?
Contact the shul office 

¹Associate level is for those whose main Shul is somewhere else.

² Building benefits are valid as long as annual membership is current.

³This discounted cost price is offered subject to the hall being vacant: The member is entitled to reserve the hall for a particular Shabbos Kiddush. If at any time up to a week before the Kiddush another party wishes to rent the hall at the stipulated rates, then the member has the option to either rent the hall for the regular rate or to cancel the reservation and allow the other party to have the reservation.

°Prices are subject to change at the discretion of Kanner Catering