Vayeilech / Yom Kippur Bulletin in PDF format

The Rav will be speaking, IYH, between Kabalas Shabbos and Maariv on acquiring a very powerful zechus for yemei hadin…one which Chazal tell us works, the Rambam codifies it in the Yad, and we say it, no, scream it, in our davening, though perhaps it is sometimes overlooked.

If you believe the Rav, and are looking for zechusim–how can you not come?

between KS and Ma’ariv!

Viduiy is said ten times in Shul on Yom Kippur. One should say it slowly and with concentration, as many say that this is where one “does teshuvah”–regret , confession, and resolve to not repeat it.

The sins listed ALSO have many offshoots and derivatives–for example, immorality includes one’s thoughts, reading inappropriate literature, inappropriate mingling, light-headed bantering….Many of the sins cited were very possibly ‘done’ in a similar fashion.

This has been stated in the past, and will now be repeated, as it is still true! The Kohen Godol made the one-day-a-year trip into the Kodshei Kodoshim, on Yom Kippur, four times. The last time was solely for the purpose of “cleaning up”(taking out the kaf and machtah). Just another manifestation of how vital it is to treat our Holy places with basic respect and reverence–even regarding something as ‘mundane’ as–cleaning up!!!!