Nitzavim – Rosh Hashana Bulletin in PDF format

The Mishnah Berurah(584:8) ,in the name of the Mateh Efrayim, the main source of almost all of our Yomim Nora’im minhagim, speaks of what a tremendous zechus it is to have an aliyah on the Yomim Nora’im; and that it is that much more intense if it cost the oleh money rather than if he receives it for free.

In fact, many Shuls adopted the minhag, approved of by the poskim, to stop the minhag to give it for free to the ba’al toke’a and the ba’alei tefillos (Aruch Hashulchan), and even to not give it to a kohen for free(MB 135:18).This is seen as a kovod for the Torah (people willing to pay for an aliya) and as a necessary fund-raising measure for Shuls (see the mar’ei mekomos).


MB in 1:4 says that people used to write “sheeveesee HaShem l’negdee tamid” on a piece of paper or parchment,and keep it in front of them during davening as a reminder not talk during davening!

The Taz says (55:4)that it is highly questionable if a tzibur may count a talker into a minyan to make exactly 10!

New year’s resolution,anyone?