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Rav Shlomo Zalmon ZT”L recommends, that when praying for a choleh’s recovery in shemoneh essrei, one not repeat it in every single tefillah, as it will become monotonous and said without special feeling,which is contradictory to the essence of adding a personal tefillah. Also, it will appear as if it is a fixed part of shemoneh essrei, and not a voluntary addition.

Therefore, it should be omitted occasionally.


A basic halacha, found in Shulchan Aruch: Before a person enters the Beis HaKnesses, he should make sure he is attired respectfully. (This is due to the kovod due the Beis HaKnesses itself, besides what is called for due to Hilchos Tefillah, if he is davening there also.)

When will we learn to treat a Beis Knesses and Beis Medrash with the respect halacha demands?