Shabbos Bulletin Parshas Nasso 5778

L’kovod the Sonnenberg-grandchild bris

(on Shabbos,IYH,right after davening):

The person at the b’ris making the beracha “borei pri hagofen” (or, by the b’ris this Shabbos, “borei p’ri hagefen”) can have in mind to be yotzei Kiddush with that berachah. But since Kiddush requires b’mokom seudah, he must ASAP eat a kazayis of cake, or at last drink another reviis wine.

Anyone listening can also be yotzei Kiddush (we will be announcing that the mevarech should have in mind to be motzie whoever wants to be yotzei in Kiddush), provided that they too eat a kazayis cake or have a reviis wine asap.