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Tefilla Halacha

On Erev Shabbos, it is preferable to daven Minchah before hadlakas ner Chanukah…but one may daven afterwards. Better with a minyan after lighting than with no minyan, before lighting.

If a person was already mekabel Shabbos on Friday, he or she may ask someone else who has not yet been mekabel Shabbos to light the Chanukah lights for them. In such a situation, the one lighting should make the first berachah, and the person doing the mitzvah should make the second berachah (and the third, shehecheyonu, if applicable).

If one or more of the Chanukah lights went out before sheki’ah, and he was not mekabel Shabbos yet, he should relight without a berachah. If he has been mekabel Shabbos, he should ask someone who has not been to do so. After sheki’ah there’s nothing to do.


Remember: When saying Hallel Shaleim, every single word must be said, like when saying kri’as shma, or else there is a serious shayloh of not only not being yotzei Hallel, but also of having made a beracha levatala.

Elo’ahhh (Yaakov)
With the emphasis on the ‘lo
ahhh-as in ach in the word ru’ach, but here it is a heh; one can hear the heh: “ahhhh.”
אֱלוֹ־הַּ יַעֲקֹב  (114:7)


pesayim, NOT pesa-im
שֹׁמֵר פְּתָאיִם  (116:6)