Shabbos Bulletin Parshas Ki Sisa 5779

Yaakov Sassen will be leading the tzibur in Kabbalas Shabbos this week. Kabbalas Shabbos is described in the Gemara with 2 metaphors: Welcoming the “Shabbos Queen”; and (what is perhaps more familiar to us), welcoming “Shabbos the Kallah” (lecho dodi likras Kallah; bo’ee Kallah,bo’ee Kallah).

Yaakov will also soon be greeting his own Kallah, iyH, and she will also be the Queen of his home.

The Maharal explains the 2 metaphors: The Kallah “completes” the week, and is the source and fount of berachah of the week, just as a Kallah completes the man and the home, and is the source of the home’s blessings.

But she is also special, and should be treated as special, not ordinary. Hence, a “Kallah” but a “Malka” as well.

Let us join Yaakov as he greets the Shabbos Kallah and Queen, and then greets his own Kallah and Queen shortly after Shabbos.