Shabbos Bulletin – Netzavim Vayeilach

A person entering a Shul or a Beis Medrash for a personal matter,must stop and say a possuk , or a Tefillah , or just sit or stand there about 3 seconds.This allows his entering to be seen as entering for a dvar mitzvah,not for personal use.(just sitting in a shul is considered a  dvar mitzvah)This last idea(just sitting) should only be used if for some reason saying a possuk or a Tefillah is not possible.

Saying the “13 Attributes” (Middos of HaShem) is a דבר שבקדושה and requires a minyan to say it.If an individual is saying selichos without a minyan ,one eitzah is to  read the words as it appears in the possuk,complete with the ‘trop’ (ta’amei mikrah).Another is to simply skip it.

The minhag is that when one hears the tzibbur saying the 13 Middos, he says it along witth them.One should NOT do so if in the middle of pesukei d’zimra , and of course not in the middle of birchos keri’as Shema.