Shabbos Bulletin Pesach 5775

Tefilla Halacha

Hallel during the seder

  • Tur writes: Finish Halel, say that last berachah (yehalleluchah) up until the baruch atta at the end; then say hallel hagadol (26 ki l’olom…) and then nishmas, to yishtabach, but conclude melech mehullal batishbachos.
  • The Levush says: No, conclude yishtabach as one normally does.
  • The Beis Yosef indeed asks on the Tur-why not conclude yishtabach in the normal way? Beis Yosef suggests: Finish Hallel; do NOT say yehalleluchoh; then say Hallel hagadol, nishmas, yishtabach up until its concluding berachah (until may’atta v’ad olom); then say yehaleluchoh and conclude melech mehullal batishbachos.
  • And so he paskens in Shulchan Aruch.
  • Aruch haShulchan says: That is what our minhag is
  • Pri MeGedaim says: do either like the Shulchan Aruch or the Tur, but certainly concluding with melech mehullal batishbachos.
  • Mishneh Berurah is not machri’a. (see Shaar Tziyun 480:5)

Good luck! and whatever you do, don’t say the berachah twice or make BOTH berachos!