Vayechi 5774 Newsletter in PDF format

Tefilla Halacha

Mincha Rules for a Tannis

  • Only a person fasting may be called to the Torah.
  • If the only Kohen or Levi are not fasting, they should leave the shul before the Aliyah.
  • If a person not fasting is called, he must say that he is not fasting.
  • Aneinu is said by those fasting. If a person ate or drank by mistake, the person may say it, but change the wording to b’yom tzom hataanis hazeh.
  • A person exempt from fasting (pregnant, nursing, ill, etc.) who is not fasting, should omit it entirely.
  • If a person forgot to say aneinu and remembered that after saying the conclusion of shome’a tefilah, the person should continue and say it just before (the second) yiheyu l’ratzon at the end of the shemoneh essrei.
  • Birkas kohanim is said at the later Minchah (some say it at an earlier one as well), as well as sim shalom.
  • One must fast until tzeis, but should take care not to prolong it past that. Thus, the Shul will be davening maariv (borchu) 25   minutes after sheki’a.