Shabbos Bulletin Parshas Vaeira in PDF format

The Sheli’ach tzibur (chazan) should say the main lines of kedusha  (kadosh, baruch, and yimloch) out loud, for the sake of those still davening shemoneh esrei, for they are supposed to stop and  listen to the sheli’ach tzibbur say those words, and to a degree it is considered as if they participated in the saying of kedusha. 

Moshe Rabbeinu tells Par’o :”When I leave the city, I will spread out my hands(and daven to HaShem)”(Shemos 9:29).Moshe would not daven in a city filled with idols (Rashi,from Midrash).Where you daven is special , and is rendered a mokom kadosh.The  paradigm is the Bais HaMikdash,built for Tefillah (see Shlomo Hamelech’s prayer at its opening–Melachim I ,Perek 8).And our Shuls are thus known as Mikdash Me’ahtt(a miniature Bais HaMikdash).

Are you still shmoozzing in Shul?