Tzav Bulletin in in PDF format

There is a minhag to read the main part of maggid from the haggadah on Shabbos haGadol. One reason given is because, in a certain sense, the actual redemption process started then. Another reason given is to somewhat prepare for the seder. Although many people, especially  in Eretz Yisrael, do not follow this minhag, it certainly remains true that your seder experience, and your family’s, will be fruitful and inspiring in proportion to your preparing for it. Please make time to do that!

It is said that on Pesach, our homes are transferred into the central mokom avodah of our lives, as opposed to the Shul or the Beis Medrash. In fact, the Ramban in his introduction to Sefer Shemos says that the Mishkan was but a replica of the homes of the Avos! We usually use this place in the weekly mailing of the bulletin to emphasize how to act in a Shul–today, we will emphasize that the house, a mokom avodah of its own, also requires a standard of behavior commensurate with it being a dwelling-place for the Shechinah.