Tzav Bulletin in PDF format

Chazal tell us that one who answers “yehei shemei rabba…” with all his/her might, abrogates evil decrees. This means with one’s entire concentration (e.g, not folding one’s tallis or putting away one’s Tefillin); it also means through raising one’s voice–though one should always be careful not to raise one’s voice to a degree that he/she will cause others to sin by their making fun of the one screaming.

The more parshiyos are devoted to korbonos….the more we see what a central role korbonos played in everyday life……the more we realize how central a role the korbon Pesach played in the celebration of Pesach…..the more we realize what not having a Beis Mikdash means …..the more responsibility we have to maximize the benefits of using our Botei K’nesses and Botei Medrash…..the more respect, awe, and esteem we need to show towards our Mikdash Me’at.