Tzav 5774 Newsletter in PDF format

Tefilla Halacha

Clip and save for Purim!!                           

  • al hanissim: all the nissim, including Vashti’s tzara’as, Esther’s being chosen; Haman falling onto Esther’s bed-and many many more. All the nissim nistarim.
  •  v’al hapurkan: not so clear – purkan from what? The word usually refers to some sort of freedom attained. Maybe it became less embarrassing to be Jewish-and adaraba(see Esther 8:17)
  •  v’al hagevuros: the nitzachon in the milchamos (see Esther 9:2)
  •  v’al hateshuos: being saved from Haman’s decree of certain death
  •  v’al hamilchamos: perhaps this adds to hagevuros the very fact that this was part of the larger Amaleik war.