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If one forgets to say ya’aleh v’yavo at Minchah Friday, and Shabbos is NOT Rosh Chodesh, it is a major shayloh if one can daven ma’ariv twice, since such a case (where you will not be saying yaaleh veyavo at the make-up tefillah either) is a general shayloh even if it occurs during weekdays, and the aytzah is to daven nedava,which cannot be done on Shabbos.

MB says one maariv only.
A.H. is noteh –2.

Rav Malinowitz says: DON’T FORGET!!

R’ Moshe Feinstein rules that it is muttar for a blind person to bring a seeing-eye dog into a Shul, if that is the only way the blind man will daven b’tzibur. (Some poskim disagree.) The factor is kedushas Beis HaK’nesses and whether this constitutes a violation of it.