Shoftim Bulletin in PDF format

When saying the following words in Tefilla, pay attention to the phraseology, below:

  • You should say: Shochen ahd, morom vekadosh shemo. The meaning is “HaShem is a shochen ahd– His Name is exalted and holy.”
  • You should NOT say: Shochen ahd morom, vekodosh shemo.

At the end of Yishtabach,

  • You should say: Melech, eil, chei ha’olamim. The meaning is “King, Almighty, the life-force of the universe.”
  • You should NOT say: Melech eil chei, ha’olamim.

The Rivash, in his Teshuvos, discusses a case of a sefer Torah which fell, and what the people in the Shul have to do as a kappara.He then writes:”And there is not a doubt in my mind that this came about because of people talking during kri’as haTorah!!”

Look what mindless talking, in violation of the kedusha that is there, can lead to!!