Shemos Bulletin in PDF format

When bowing in shemoneh esrei, it is sufficient to bow slightly (say 45 degrees) , until the bones of the body begin to protrude. Do NOT bow till the body is horizontal (90 degrees). The head should also be ‘bowed,’, not “up.”

HaShem tells Moshe Rabbeinu: Do not come near; take your shoes off your feet, for the place where you are standing is Holy land (Shemos 3:5). Are these 2 phrases contradictory? Where was Moshe Rabbeinu standing? There are different interpretations in the commentaries—-one is: do not come near [into the Holy place, and if you insist that you want to, nevertheless, act accordingly and take your shoes off…

Do not treat the Holy place cavalierly…realize what it is …..and then act accordingly.