Parshas Noach Bulletin in PDF format

If one forgets to say yaaleh veyavo on Rosh Chodesh in bentching, one does NOT bentch over, because one does not have to eat a seudah on Rosh Chodesh–thus, “yaaleh veyavo in bentching” is not really obligatory. This is true even if Rosh Chodesh is Shabbos(and one IS OBLIGATED to eat a seudah), and the person said retzei but forgot yaaleh vayavo. Of course, if one forgot both, or just retzei, then when repeating bentching, one should say both.

It is hard to know where No’ach “went wrong” in his taking to wine in the aftermath of the mabul.Maybe –just maybe—he was feeling a bit too comfortable, a bit too good about himself, and acted inappropriately, with ‘kaloos rosh’.One should serve HaShem with joy and cheer, and with delight and optimism–but not with lightheadedness.

Like–in Shul???