Shabbos Bulletin Parshas Noach 5778

Tefilla Halacha

B’nei Eretz Yisrael start saying v’sain tal u’mattar this Thursday evening at Maariv (Oct. 26, ohr l’7 Marcheshvan). Chu”l people start saying it this year on December 4 at Maariv (it is a Monday night)

If a person forgot to say “v’sain tal u’mattar” in birkas hashanim: 

  • If he did not yet say the Name of HaShem at the conclusion of the beracha, he should go back to the words”v’sain tal u’mattar” and continue from there.
  • If he already said the Name of HaShem, he should continue and say “v’sain…” in the beracha of sh’ma koleinu.
  • If he already said the Name of HaShem at the conclusion of the beracha of sh’ma koleinu, but not the next word, he should say “lamdeinu chukecho”, then say “v’sain…” and then continue “ki atta shome’ah…”
  • If he said even one word after the shem HaShem of the conclusion of the beracha of sh’ma koleinu, but did not yet start retzei, he should conclude the beracha of shomei’a tefillah, say the phrase “v’sain…”, and then start retzei…
  • If he started retzei, he must then go back to the beracha “boreich aleinu” and say shemoneh essrei from there again.
  • If he said the yiheyu l’ratzon at the end of shemoneh essrei that he says just before he takes the three steps back, he must repeat the shemoneh esrei over again.

If you (a Ben Eretz Yisrael) are in chu”l between Thursday night and Dec 4:

  • If you have begun saying “v’sain…” then continue saying it .
  • If you are in chu”l before this coming Thursday night (October 26), then from this coming Thursday night and on say it in “shome’a Tefillah.” (Do this for as long as you are in Chu”l. If you are still in Chu”l on Dec 4, then on this day resume saying it in the correct place).

If you are davening as the sheli’ach tzibbur, always daven with their nussach.