Noach Bulletin in PDF format (contains the correct candlelighting and mincha times for Shabbos Parshas Noach)

This Monday night, we start saying ‘vesayn tal u’matar liv’racha.’ For all you BTYA people who are in Chu”l, or about to go there:

If you will be going after Monday night, keep saying it. Avoid being the shatz. If you can’t, you say v’sayn berachah as the shatz. In your silent shemoneh essrai you should say vesayn tal umatar.

If you are there from before Monday night, say vesayn tal umatar in the shome’ah tefillah berachah from Monday night till you get back, when you will say it in its regular place.

There are two separate obligations, called kibbud and mora, in a Shul, with kibbud being a positive obligation to show honor (e.g., keeping it clean, beautifying it), and mora, which generally forbids showing rudeness and flippancy and exhibiting lack of awareness that it is a Beis HaShem.