Shabbos Bulletin Parshas Vayigash 5778

The fast for Aseres b’Teves is this coming Thursday, and this halacha is applicable for davening at Mincha:

  • If a person forgot to say aneinu in shomei’a tefilah:
    • If one said the Name of HaShem at the conclusion of the berachah of “shema koleinu”, one should continue, and say “aneinu” just before saying “yiheyu l’ratzon” at the end of shemoneh esrei (if one says “yiheyu l’ratzon” twice, then before the second time).
    • If one forgot it completely, one does not repeat shemoneh esrei.
  • One who is exempt from fasting does not say “aneinu” in shemoneh esrei at all.

One who forgot and ate or drank, says it, but says “beyom tzom hata’anis hazeh” instead of “beyom tzom ta’aniseinu.”