Miketz Bulletin in PDF format

  • There is a minhag to add some special “simchah” to the davening on Shabbos Chanukah.
  • There is a minhag to add some special food to the seudah on Shabbos Chanukah.
  • There is an interesting machlokess if one forgot to say retzei in bentching, and is bentching again: many poskim say that al hanissim should not be said (see Magen Avrohom O.C. 188:13 for his reasoning), but the consensus p’sak is to repeat al hanissim also in such a case. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET YAALEH VEYAVOH ON FRIDAY ROSH CHODESH. SINCE LEIL SHABBOS IS NOT ROSH CHODESH, IF YOU REMEMBER THAT YOU FORGET ONLY ONCE IT IS NIGHTTIME, THERE IS A MAJOR SHAYLOH WITH NO CLEAR ANSWER ABOUT WHAT TO DO ABOUT THE ‘MISSED’ MINCHAH. IF YOU DON’T FORGET, THERE IS NO SHAYLOH! AMAZING!
  • The oil of our menorah that had been designated for a dvar mizvah (the lighting of ner chanukah ) is henceforth forbidden to benefit from for personal use….a universal din which is true about all things set aside for kadosh or mitzvah use.