Parshas Matos Bulletin in PDF Format

Did you know…?

Ideally, one should stay in Shul until the end of Shacharis. In case of need, one may leave after the first kaddish recited by a mourner(that is after aleinu).One may not leave before kedusha d’sidra except under extenuating circumstances.

It is ossur to leave early on a regular basis–it is highly disrespectful.

A person should not leave Shul with his back to the Aron Kodesh, but should walk out sideways or backwards through the entrance.He should ideally bow towards the Aron and say the possuk in Tehillim 5:9—HaShem, necheinee b’tzidkossechoh lema’an shoreraiy, hayshar lefanaiy darkechoh (HaShem, guide me in Your righteousness, because of my enemies who are constantly looking to have me stumble; straighten Your way before me).