Shabbos Bulletin Parshas Matos 5779

If on Shabbos one began to say the weekday shemoneh esrei:

  • If by Maariv, Shacharis or Minchah, conclude the berachah, and then continue with the correct shemoneh esrei.
  • If by Mussaf, stop immediately, and then start “tikanta Shabbos.”
  • If one only said the word one word “atta” (but did not say the next word “chonein”):
    • If by Maariv or Minchah, continue with the correct shemoneh esrei (“atta kidashta or “atta echad”).
    • If by Shacharis:
      • if it was a slip of the tongue, but one intended to say the Shabbos shemoneh esrei, stop immediately and say “Yismach Moshe.”
      • If one absent-mindedly thought it was a weekday, conclude the current berachaatta chonein,” and then continue “Yismach Moshe.”
    • If by Mussaf, stop immediately and say “Tikanta Shabbos.