Parshsas Lech Lecha Bulletin in PDF format

If you forgot to say ‘vesein tal u’matar’:

  • If you didn’t yet say HaShem’s name at the beracha’s conclusion, go back to vesein tal u’matar and continue from there.
  • If you did say HaShem’s name, continue as regular and say vesein tal u’matar livrachah in shema koleinu
  • If you forgot to insert it there, and said HaShem’s name at the end of the beracha, say lamdeinee chukecho, then say vesein….., and then continue:ki atta shome’a….
  • if you concluded the beracha already, say vesein tal u’matar ..and continue with retzei
  • if you began retzei already, go back to bareich aleinu, and continue from there….
  • if you concluded shemoneh esrei (i.e, you said yihyu leratzon), repeat shemoneh esrei.

Besides all the other reasons to attend Monday night’s shiur in Hilchos Entering Har HaBayis, it will also hopefully give you an idea of how we should be conducting ourselves in our mikdash me’aht.