Shabbos Bulletin Ki Sisa in PDF format

Happy P urim Kotton 

The Rema rules to make a seudah today, Purim Kotton, to be yotzei the opinions that one has to. Being that it is Friday, if one is making an unusually large seudah (as large as a, say, sheva berachos, or some people’s Bar-Mitzvah) it preferably should be done in the morning (before chatzos). If a regular meal, it should be started before 2:40. Some say there should be something added to the regular Shabbos seudah, as Shabbos is Shushan Purim Kotton.

Hilchos Tefilah: If you said  the ‘al hanissim’ for Purim by mistake,you do NOT have to repeat Shemonah Essrai. It is considered mai’ain hame’ora (it is the subject of the day)

The exciting and enlivening  melava malka/Purim Kotton Chagigah/Concert was at one point going to take place in the Shul. The reason it would be muttar?

Melava Malka is a seudas mitzvah, and there is a special inyan to have music by a m.m. Besides, the music and singing of Shlomo Katz is known to be inspiring and edifying.

At the end, though, it worked out that we will be in Ramat Shalom, where the plans are to build and move into a permanent Bais Knesses/Medrash, making where the mm/concert will be, a temporary Shu ; thus, the shaylos are much less severe, if they exist at all.

Look how careful one has to be with kedushas Bais HaK’nesses and Bais HaMedrash!!