Ki Seitzei Bulletin in PDF format

According to one opinion, one bows slightly while saying kaddish at: yisgadal, yehei shmei rabba, yisbarach, b’rich hu, and at the amein after da’amiran be’alma.

According to other opinions, one should not bow at all.

Either minhag is acceptable.

The first parshiyos in this week’s sedra teach us how aveirah goreress aveirah (See Rashi there).Here is another example–talking in shul leads to talking during davening; which leads to talking when it is also ossur to be mafsik;which leads to talking during kaddish and even kri’as haTorah which in a sense is even worse; which leads to divrei leitzonus and loshon hora; which leads to others joining in or being influenced that it is not so bad ,which is chotei umachati….