Shabbos Bulletin Parshas Haazinu – Sukkos 5779

Havdalah must be said in the Sukkah, but what about the berachah of “layshayv baSukkah”?

  1. Some make a berachah, either before or after Havdalah.
  2. Some do not make a berachah.

The best is to eat a k’beitza of cake, and make the berachah of “layshayv” over the food (after the berachah of “mezonos”, unless your minhag is to always make it before)

If you are afraid Aryeh S. might catch you, then hang around the Sukkah after havdalah, learn, shmooze—and then according to Rav Malinowitz, make the berachah of “layshayv baSukkah” before you start havdalah.