Beshalach Bulletin in PDF format

In short, here’s the sequence of berachos :

  1. hamotzee
  2. mezonos on cake
  3. mezonos on cooked flour
  4. hagofen
  5. mezonos on rice
  6. ha’eitz on olives, dates, grapes, figs, pomegranates
  7. ha’etz on other fruit
  8. ha’adama
  9. shehakol on solid food
  10. shehakol on drinks

regarding what is bolded:

two fruits or vegetables
with the same beracha
a fruit
and a vegetable
  1. seven species
  2. complete (shalem)
  3. usually desired
  4. desired now
  1. complete (a shalem)
  2. usually desired
  3. seven species
  4. he’eitz before ha’adama

This of course is not a complete list. Ask your L.O.R. for further details or questions

One may ask a Doctor about a cure or medicine in a Shul. If one can easily step outside the Shul to ask–kol hakovod!