Shabbos Bulletin Parshas Bechukosai
This Motzei Shabbos, tomorrow night, after sheki’ah, be careful not to say “today is Lag Ba’Omer,” until you actually count. If you did, you should be yotzaiy the berachah by listening to someone else’s berachah (like the shaliach tzibbur, for example) and then you can count by yourself.

If in a casual conversation you say something like—“let’s get going, ’cause it’s LaG  Ba’Omer” (where it is more clear and inherently obvious that you are using Lag Ba’Omer as a name), then you can make the berachah yourself when you later count.

There is a story in the Zohar how one day Rabbi Shimon bar Yochaiy made a lavish se’udah, and invited all the Sages. They asked him, “What is the reason for this seudah today, with all these precious vessels and fancy food and drinks?”
Rabbi Shimon replied: “It is the day of the bar-mitzvah of my son, Elazar, and a new, exalted, sanctified soul has entered him today.”

And so we wish Tzvi Gherman and his wife and the entire family (including the bar-mitzvah boy, Yaakov Baruch) a huge mazel tov!
What does this have to do with the motif of this section of the bulletin-e-mail, devoted ostensibly to kedushas Beis HaKenesses inyanim?
Because R’ Tzvi has done perhaps more than anyone else to insist that we, as a Shul, insist on insisting on that kedushah!
Yeyasher ko’ach! And mazel tov!