Shabbos Bulletin Parshas Balak 5778

  • On a fast day, if the chazzan forgets the beracha of “aneinu”, if he did not yet say the Name of HaShem at the conclusion of the beracha of refa’einu, he should go back to aneinu. If he did say that shem haShem, he should continue and say “aneinu” in “shome’ah tefillah”, BUT he should conclude the birchas shome’ah tefillah in its usual way.


    • An individual, at Minchah. who forgot “aneinu” and concluded shome’ah tefillah, should continue and say “aneinu” during “Elokeiy, netzor…”. If he does not say it there, either, shemoneh esrei is not repeated.