Shabbos Bulletin Parshas Chayei Sara in PDF format

A Tefillah missed accidentally can be made up at the next Tefillah by davening twice at the next Tefillah. A woman who usually davens Minchah, and misses one accidentally, must daven Maariv twice (the regular Maariv with Shemoneh Essrai twice) if she wants to make it up. She cannot make it up by davening Maariv once,or by Shacharis, even if she does not usually daven Maariv.

There are different opinions about the kedushas Beis Hakenesses of an ezras nashim (one that is a reshus in itself,such as ours).The consensus is that certainly one should refrain from ‘kaloos rosh ‘ and ‘sichah beteilah’ there. In our ezras nashim at BTYA, it was made, and is used for, learning as well, and thus would have a kedushas Beis Medrash.