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Some Halachos Of RH Davening:

  • Some have the minhag to daven Shemonah Esraiy while being bent over; there are places in the amidah where they would have to straighten up; if you have the minhag, but don’t know what those places are, check with the Rav. 
  • Better to daven with a straight body but a bent heart. 
  • Some daven a bit louder than normal during the amidah. Some hold this is inappropriate–lema’aseh, one should do whatever allows him more kavanah, but he or she MUST make sure not to disturb others. 
  • We see in halachah more of an attention to detail in pronouncing the words of davening properly on RH and YK. 
  • If one concluded properly ‘hamelech hakodosh’ but left out the lengthy nussach of the third berachah, he is yotzei. 
  • If one concluded the fourth berachah ‘mekadesh yisrael vehazemanim’, one is NOT yotzei. 
  • The most common Eretz Yisroel minhag is to conclude the last berachah with the usual conclusion ‘hamevareich ess amoh yisrael bashalom.” 
  • If one said the entire lengthy nussach of the third berachah, and is not sure if he said hokail or hamelech hakodosh, he may assume he said hamelech hakodosh. Otherwise, one must repeat the amidah from the beginning. 
  • If one forgot the 2 insertions in the first or last berachah of the amidah, if one remembered before saying the shem haShem of the berachah, one says the forgotten insertion at that point, and then continues from that point (as if he had not forgotten). If not, then just continue.

Kesiva Vachasima Tova!