It is common for institutions and individuals to place “memorial” ads when a great loss occurs, such as the case of the passing of HoRav Malinowitz, ZT”L.

  • It is clear that the Rav ZT”L would not want this to happen.
  • It is also clear that the Rav ZT”L would want for all support to go towards Torah learning at Kehillas Beis Tefillah Yonah Avraham.

We therefore ask:

  • Any institution or individual that wishes to make a memorial should do so by sending financial support to Torah Programs as BTYA. This can be done at or by replying to this email. Relevant dedications/learning sponsorships can be acknowledged in the shul.
  • If someone feels that they must put an ad in a publication, please place it in the RBSViews (, by this Tuesday AM. They have been partners in BTYA’s Torah learning for years, and they will also make a donation to the Torah Programming for ads of this sort.

Please pass this message on to anyone to whom you feel it is relevant.


We appreciate your understanding.