Perhaps it was nothing or a serious dream-
After Shloshim-
I asked the Rav ZTZL I see now that you dovened for me and my family members- individually- the people in your shul and many others- regularly and with intensity. Thanks you but HOW DID YOU DO IT?
He answered in Typical fashion
PLONI- Do you know what I would do if I could return for ONE hour ?
Many ideas came across my head for his family, the shul, his family, seforim…
None of that
I would spend the entire 60 minutes trying to convince you of what I have been trying for years. See that you can be doing so much better. Yeah you are doing wonderfuly things now but small steps every day- See the greatness in yourself like I have seen it for years. Don’t be afraid of the greatness Hashem wants you to be the sheliach for.etc

Shock of the message over whelmed me- why me-
It was not only me- like an email message has a CC….this message had many other addresses too. Maybe you got it or maybe it went int the folder of “spiritual span”- reading thins you got the message too.