Sunday, September 8/ ח’ אלול

Reflect how obligated I am to recognize Hashem’s unity, that He is one with no beginning nor end to His existence.  There is no other.  Second, I am only serving Hashem for the sake of His Great Name.  I don’t serve Hashem for praise, reward, or fear of people.

Additional insights from HoRav Malinowitz:

Wholeheartedness … complete sincerity and acceptance … purity of thought …

This applies to our acceptance of HaShem as the only power in the Universe, the only source of everything … nowhere else to turn … AND it applies to our own motivations in our avodas HaShem — wholeheartedly serving Him for no other reason than — to serve Him!

No other motivations in our avodas HaShem … no other powers in our acceptance of His Oneness.