Shabbos, September 14/ י”ד אלול

Shabbos, September 14/ י”ד אלול

Reflect on how much Hashem loves us and helps us in every generation.  Hashem has a bris with the Avos.  We should feel gratitude for His kindness to us and our forefathers.

Additional insights from HoRav Malinowitz:

How loving do you feel towards a dear, dear friend?

Towards someone who is a dear friend, and put you through school, and found you a job?

Let’s say this same person saved your father and his family from the Holocaust?! 

And that is why you are here today, with a life and a family … How indebted would you feel, and how suffused with love for that person?

How often do we also think of what HaShem has done for all the generations preceding us?  To get us to where we are now?

He mamesh loves us!  And so we should love Him back!