Friday, September 13/ י”ג אלול

Reflect on the difference between my knowledge and my deeds.  Imagine a servant who used the king’s field partly for his private purposes and had to give an accounting for his action.  Think that I will be held responsible and that I have a debt to pay to the King.  Use my time to serve the Creator each day.

Additional insights from HoRav Malinowitz:

Do my deeds match up with the knowledge I have? 

In fact, do my deeds match up with any of the “raw materials” (the abilities, the capabilities) that HaShem has given me?  Am I using them fully to further my avodas HaShem?

Or am I frittering away His gifts to me in other pursuits?

And how often do people say “if I only had X’s intelligence, Y’s charisma, Z’s enthusiasm . . . .”?

HaShem gave each one of us unique and special kochos — are we using them fully?