Wednesday, September 4/ ד’ אלול

Reflect upon the chesed of getting the Torah to draw us close to Hashem’s will, thus attaining this World and the Next.  Think about the favor of being given the capacity to understand Torah.  Think about neglecting Torah study.

Additional insights from HoRav Malinowitz:

How thankful should we be that we have Hashem’s revealed will of how we should live; thus attaining true pleasure in this world–AND ETERNITY!!

Imagine that you are lost in a jungle–and you have no idea how to survive, how to get food or drink, how to avoid the wild animals and the native cannibals … a lad shows up, and hands you a jungle-survival book … and thanks to this book, you indeed survive — and emerge from the jungle in 6 months, to live in regular, sophisticated civilization.

THE GRATITUDE YOU would feel towards that lad — do we feel that way every morning as we say birkas haTorah???