Bereishis Bulletin in PDF format

The passuk in ashreiposei’ach ess yadecha…..’ describes the infinite kindness of HaShem,who constantly provides sustenance for every living creature, from the gigantic beasts to the tiniest of insects. It is essential to say this passuk with concentration. If one did not, he must repeat it. If he already said further, if he did not yet start the next psalm, he should go back to posei’ach and recite from there. If he did begin the next psalm, he should finish it, and then repeat the verses from posei’ach to the end of ashrei.


Similar to the mokom HaMikdash, great emphasis is put on keeping a Shul/Beis Medrash clean and beautiful.Our Shul once had a committee to focus and take responsibility for this mitzvah (which, like almost everything in the Shul , is really EVERYONE’S responsibility ). Anyone willing to revitalize that, and work out a method to keep the Shul’s beauty and dignity at optimum level?