Last night a good friend and fellow member in BTYA asked me what do we do now?

Though I am probably not the most qualified person to answer I will throw in my thoughts that came to me this morning.

As I was the shliach tzibur, it seemed that the answers of amen where very quiet. So I did what has worked before to motivate more compassion – I raised my voice. Suddenly the answers sounded more passionate and I too got more inspired. It’s not my chidush, we all know that Chazal tell us the outside motivates the inner person.

Energy begets more energy and more enthusiasm. And we all need more energy and enthusiasm.

There where many midos of the Rav that we have the opportunity to use the seeds of his words and deeds to motivate us and to choose to exemplify them too. I would even suggest that by making such commitments we will gain a special siyata dishmia as a continuation of the Rav’s presence.

We all know that part of the Rav’s strength was his persistence and never give up attitude.

In term’s of the Rav’s feeling on this, I strongly recommend to look at this Chadash article of his : ( at the very least it is a zchus to learn his Torah )

What I am saying is that now we have to find many of the inspiring midos of the Rav, in terms of Zerizus, Tzedaka Chesed and caring about others and use them to
nudge us to take on more responsibilities, with compassion and energy, for the Klal and others.

Naftali Rischall