This is not a story rather a quick write up on the relationship I had with the Rov .

I had the Zechus to learn in the KOLLEL of BTYA in 2011 . R Yoni Mermelstein would drive the Rov and myself every morning to RBS .

While I should have been excited to go learn my true excitement was the 40 minutes we would have with the Rov in the Car , every day was an opportunity to be in the presence of true Gadlus .

The Rov imparted on me how a true Yid accords himself , a story or happening would tie to Halacha , the Chovos Halvavos or any other Torah hashkafa that could be brought out from the story .

Chavivus Hamitzvos – I don’t know if it was every year but the year I spent with the Rov he was raz0r focused on getting Chinese food for the Purim Seudah , it was a thrill to help him in the pursuit of the mitzvah of Simchas Purim being done perfectly .

I once had an email correspondence with the Rov regarding a halachic leniency I was looking for – his response was ” grow up” . While I might have missed many opportunities to do so the Rov’s memory will always be with me and my family to keep growing up . Because that’s he lived .

Yieh Zichro Boruch