The Rav was always pushing for more and more Torah learning and he called us out to make more efforts to learn. So considering how much a straight shooter and “Ish Emes” he was it was such a pleasure to see his joy one Simchas Torah commending the Kehilla on the learning. The shul’s Annual Siyum Hashas was another opportunity to see how happy he was for the hatzlacha of the kehilla in their learning. He also made it clear that the best learning was iyun, so when the shul had it’s own Kollel I knew how happy it made the him. His weekly drasha was his way to give hadracha to the kehilla. To me I always felt it was such a a kavod haTorah to see how many balei batim davened elsewhere ( ie netz, simcah ) yet made their back for his drasha. With all his seriousness and intensity his self deprecating humor showed his depth of being a living Chovos Halevovs with the essence of humility. I can not put in words his total dedication to our Kehilla, all the thoughts I heard expressed are merely a fraction of his heart and soul that he gave to us, as a real eved Hashem.

Naftali Rischall